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Elite Condo Interior Design Team

CAD Associates is one of Singapore’s leading designers of private homes and condominiums. We understand that when you live in a small space, you need to make the most of what you have. We work with you to make your condo or private home a sanctuary – a place that meets your needs and reflects your personality.

Getting to know our clients on a personal level is an essential part of our design process. We believe that all condo interior design is collaborative. We would no more think of walking into your home and trying to dictate a design to you than we would think of trying to tell you what to wear. Your taste, opinions, needs, and wants matter to us. Our goal is to find a way to make the space you live in a true reflection of you.

We succeed for our clients because we combine research and planning with our skills and expertise to create modern and spacious rooms that speak to who you are as a person. We can take a small space and turn it into a multi-functional showplace, giving you the opportunity to live in comfort. At the same time, we understand that at times, you may need to entertain or work at home, and if those things are a priority for you, they are a priority for us, too.

We are just as comfortable designing in large spaces as we are in small ones. If you own a landed property or a large home, we will work with you to make it as elegant and unique as you are. There is no design challenge to large for our team, and no detail too small. We encourage our clients to share their dreams and expectations with us, because that is the only way we can make them a reality.

Committed Condo Renovation Crew

Our designers and professional condo renovation work crews will work closely with you to ensure that you end up with a space that feels like a sanctuary while still allowing you to do everything you need to do. We take residential design seriously, but we also believe that it should be fun. Creativity brings out the best in us, and we love to share our passion and enthusiasm with our clients as we work in their homes.

If you would like to see some of the work we have done in private condo homes, please scroll down to view some of our chic, modern designs.