Interior Design Singapore

A well-designed space is a thing of art. When we enter a room for the first time, we get a strong sense for the room’s function and feeling. Expert builders in Singapore design a room in such a way that it speaks to us of how and why it is used. We feel that we know something about the person who lives or works there. Through design and build projects, we understand the property owner better. And when the design is really special, we want to stay in the room and absorb its ambience. It becomes a place of refuge. A sanctuary.

CAD Associates, probably the best interior design Singapore renovation company, is dedicated to helping our clients discover the untapped potential in the spaces through design and build services. Our professional designers love to put their experience, passion, and creativity to work for our clients, helping them to merge their needs and aesthetics into bespoke designs that truly reflect their personalities. For us, client service goes hand in hand with design, for it is in working closely with our clients that we discover the design that will best suit them.


Interior Design is more than just picking out furniture or comparing paint chips. At CAD Associates, it is our mission to look at your space, whether it is commercial or residential, and find ways to improve and highlight it through design and build services. To meet our standards, a room must be both attractive and practical, whether it’s a commercial space or in a private home. Our builders take two-dimensional and three-dimensional space into consideration, creating pleasing lines and forms. Our designers understand how to use colors and patterns to create rooms that blend beauty with purpose.

We believe that in the journey of life, we never step into the same river twice. From one day to the next, we learn and grow. Every space we design offers us a new opportunity to stretch our abilities and push the boundaries of the possible. Design is not just a destination. For us, it is a journey – one that changes every time we take it. Our clients know they can trust our experienced builders to combine their personal requests and requirements with our vast experience in interior design. And at the end of the day, they will have a new space that is as unique and special as they are.

You want your business or home to reflect who you are, and at CAD Associates, a top notch interior renovation contractor firm that specialises in design and build projects, we work with you to conceptualize a design that reflects your vision for the space. Then we bring your vision to life.