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19 December 2022

5 Best Colours To Consider For Your Office Interior Design

5 Best Colours To Consider For Your Office Interior Design

Colour plays an essential role in office interiors, speaking volumes with regards to business image. It reflects how a business wishes to inspire its customers, the functionality and flow of office spaces, as well as the energy sought to inspire employees. Due to the different nature of work, personalities, company culture and overall structure, a right mix of colour should be selected meticulously. Searching for colour inspirations for your office interior design? We have suggested five best colours for you to consider. After deciding on your colour palettes, it is best to consult an office interior design company in Singapore for professional advice.


  1. Blue

Employees are among the most important business assets and a conducive working place helps to boost employee productivity and promotes effective communication. The use of colours is great for enhancing conduciveness. Blue makes for an ideal option as it empowers concentration, enabling employees to focus while working. You may choose between a lighter or darker shade of blue and the intensity depends on your office layout. Generally, lighter blues are more soothing, while the darker hues boost stimulation. 


  1. Red 

A cool grey palette exudes moderness and sleekness. Nonetheless, a pop of vivid colour like red, motivates your employees and fuels empowerment. You may either bring in some red office furniture or incorporate red decorating details to your office interior. This vibrant colour can also be used in areas that require more physical exertion. Some offices even use red to make a statement wall stand out, or leverage it as a bold backdrop. If you need more suggestions on colour applications, feel free to seek assistance from professional office renovation companies in Singapore.

Red chairs-office interior design Singapore


  1. Yellow 

Representing optimism, confidence and creativity, yellow helps to create a fun and lively workplace by stimulating positivity. This kind of office atmosphere will encourage employees to be more productive, while a positive mindset can also be developed among them. As a result, employees will feel motivated, being able to work hard and cope with any job-related challenges. In short, yellow is the perfect colour to raise productivity in an office.

  1. Green 

No doubt, green works the best when it comes to freshening up the workplace, accentuating tranquillity and uplifting employees. Choosing the right green shade yields even better results. Usually, green is either incorporated as a statement piece or as an accent. If you have employees working long hours, green is an ideal colour to use as it calms the mind.

  1. Orange  

Orange inspires high-energy and happiness. It is proven to be one of the most effective colours to bolster productivity in the office. While orange brings energy to an environment, it may also solicit a negative reaction from some people. Therefore, it should be applied as an accent colour instead of a predominant one. Still in doubt? Reach out to an office renovation contractor in Singapore to make your dream office interior a reality. 

Regardless of your office space layout, colour is a significant design element that can influence the overall atmosphere. The five colours listed above should be incorporated appropriately to ensure the best outcome. After all, an ideal working space gives employees the best chance at achieving peak performance. 

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