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A&A works and reconstruction are complex and massive tasks that require the skills of a diverse group of qualified professionals and experienced people. Typical scope of work includes extensions to existing buildings, modifying the roof or staircase structure, construction of canopies, adding partitions, constructing mezzanines and restorative works to heritage buildings such as shop- houses and other protected buildings, as well as structural strengthening.

Why are A&A works popular?

A&A works are highly favoured among homeowners. With A&A works, or a reconstruction they can weave in their personalize touches and convert the current state into their dream homes. By giving the existing property a modern makeover incorporating a new kitchen, converting their roof tops into a roof garden or removing a few walls to make the lounge area larger to accommodate their residents. These will boost the aesthetic value and enjoyment of the homes.

What can be done during A&A?

A&A structural works include but not limited to:
1) Demolition works
2) Additional micro piling with underpinning works
3) Concrete strengthening, structural steel and reinforced concrete works.

A&A architectural works include but not limited to:
1) New cladding
2) Glazing
3) Flooring
4) Wall and partitions
5) Ceiling
6) Glass
7) Landscape works

A&A electrical works include but not limited to:
1) New AHU
2) Electrical systems
3) ACMC systems
4) Sanitary systems

Hiring an Experienced and Trustworthy Alteration and Addition Works Contractor is Important

It is an offence to carry out any building works if plans have not been approved and a permit to carry out structural works has not been granted by the relevant authorities. It also pose a safety hazard as the completed structures may not be properly designed.

Who can carry out Additions and Alterations (A & A) works?

Only a qualified or registered project architect or professional engineer can submit the plans of the additions and alterations works, to the Commissioner of Building Control and Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD) for approval. All other approvals from the URA and relevant authorities should also be obtained.

CAD Associates, a licensed holder of a Class 2 General Builder certified by BCA, are fully qualified to undertake most turnkey projects of A&A and reconstruction works.

Our team at CAD Associates, comprising a group of experience, talented and passionate designers consistently delivers projects beyond the expectations of our clients.

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