Bank Loan

Bank Loan


At CAD Associates, we have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about interior designs and love to fulfil creating your living space into your dream home, within your stipulated budget.

Planning a renovation do not have to be daunting with a renovation loan in place, to ensure the project to run smoothly. It will accord you peace of mind, while you focus on conveying the intricate details of your ideal designs to our interior designers, and leave the aesthetic transformation of your new home in the expertise of our hands.

Don’t let money ever stop you and your family or loved ones from living and materializing your dream haven. Do get in touch with our team who can introduce a bank consultant from the various banks (listed here) to organize your finances, so that you can achieve and enjoy a quality life of staying in your dream home today!


With over a decade of experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a well- finished work space (be it retail, office, factory, F & B outlet, gallery or child care centre etc.) which will actually make you glad and look forward to come to work every day.

A well- designed work environment sub- consciously lifts the overall mood and maximizes the potential of your employees and even help to win clients or customers over as they admire and soak in the unique space. Hence, getting a loan and investing in your business by creating a space that drives productivity and vibrancy can actually prove to be a wise move and be instrumental to success. With CAD Associates, we would love to take your business to the next heights, starting with the creation of your work space.

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