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Important Things to Consider for your office renovation

Posted on: May 8th, 2018 by cad

Forget whatever it is you’ve learned in the past – first impressions matters – your workplace environment is a reflection of your business.

Your office ambiance – the lighting, the furniture, the paintings, the little details and everything – all play significant roles in how your brand is perceived by prospective clients when they step into your work environment. It impacts your staff’s productivity, and might even determine whether that top talent decides to work with your organization or not.

Yes, it’s that crucial to have a well put-together office space that induces a sense of professionalism.

Now you know how essential a conducive workplace environment is; you might want to know the key factors to consider when planning an office renovation project.

Whether it’s for a minor furniture upgrade or a significant redesign, there are certain things you need to put into consideration for seamless project execution.

What’s the purpose of the renovation?

For us at CAD Associates, before taking on a new design project one of the first questions we ask our clients is what goals they aim to achieve with the refurbished workspace.

Are they looking to update their mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations?

Are they planning to get in new staff? Enhance the aesthetics of the workplace?

These questions enable us to get the overall idea of what needs to be done before planning out the project.

To the client, defining in clear terms what they want to achieve with the office renovation helps them map out all the requirements for the project while also making the planning pretty straightforward.

Determine the new office layout

Different office layout lends themselves to different impacts. For instance, a minimalist, clean and sleek work environment stimulates focus and productivity while an open-floor vibrant design can promote office relationships and encourage a positive office culture.

Since an office layout can impact productivity and employee attitudes, it’s essential to determine beforehand the type of floor-plan to implement during the refurbishing process.

Get your staff buy-in

Renovating your workplace certainly entails some level of discomfort for your employees; hence it’s vital for the success of the project and also the productivity of your team while the work is ongoing to get their input.

Also, you would need to decide whether to keep your team onsite during the construction work or have them work remotely.

Remember that the potential noise level and dust could be quite disruptive and could harm your team’s morale while the project lasts.

Engage the right contractor

No matter how solid your plans are, if your design contractors aren’t up to scratch, it can lead to costly delays in both money and time.

Hence, it’s crucial you look out for teams with the required experience and expertise to execute your ideas.

Ask for their past portfolio and past projects, have they handled a similar project like yours in the past?

Follow that up with by reaching out to their past clients to get an idea of their processes, if that’s burdensome, you can search online to read up on their reviews.

So there you have it, these are the four critical factors to consider before you start your office renovation.

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