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Renovation Process Checklist

Posted on: January 25th, 2016 by cad

What is a renovation process like? How do you make sure it will be breeze and not a nightmare? Take a look at the steps below and let them guide you through before the actual works starts.

1) Determine Your Key Objective for Renovation

List your key objectives for this renovation down so it is crystal clear. Is it to make space for additional storage? A new addition to the family or a new section for a newly set- up department? Or just to give the living or working space a more updated look?

2) Any Design Preferred or In Mind?

It is recommended to have some pictures that you would like to emulate, to your interior designer, so as to avoid any form of miscommunications and cut wasted time. Your concept of futuristic design or even a certain colour maybe completely different from the designers. Being specific and having some reference from the beginning stage, is key to avoid any confusion that may arise.

3) Have a Renovation Budget Ready

Compare with various banks to get the best rates for your renovation instead of just sticking to the first one you come across. Draw up a realistic budget, so as not to over spend.

4) Engaging the Right Professional Interior Firm

Pay them a visit, chat with them and understand their unique selling points or strengths.

*Do they have past works or showflats which they can show you?
*Do they have certifications?
*How’s their reputation? Have you check their references?
*Are you comfortable with them or have faith in their services?

5) Agree on a Timeline

What is the time frame that your Interior Firm or Contractor is confident in completing the project? Decide and establish milestones if your renovation is extensive.

6) Compare Shortlisted Quotation

Bear in mind that though cost is generally a factor in determining the choice of interior design firm to use, it is

imperative to compare also the payment timeline (if any), the scope of work or services and also the quality of finishes.

7) Be Readily Available

There may be times when the interior designers need to discuss important details with you due to unforeseen circumstances which they encounter during the renovation. Be available, if not, assign someone who can make these decisions if you are overseas or busy.

8) Renovation Handover

Assess the renovation works prior to handover and check if there is any area that needs a bit more work or touch-up.

9) Renovation Completes

If all renovation works have been checked thoroughly, then it is considered a completion. Commence moving- in procedures and celebrate!

If you are looking around for an interior design firm which can help you plan for your dream residential or commercial spaces, look no further.

At Cad Associates, we give you the assurance in high quality finishes and dedicated customer services. Call us at 6743 8488 to find out how we can help you with your renovation today!

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