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Tips to decorate your work space

Posted on: January 18th, 2016 by cad

Having a new office or thinking of converting one of your room to a home office? Here are some tips from us on how to spruce up your office interior design or home office or work space.

1) Start from the Walls

Rather than leaving them plain and boring, paint vibrant colours, put on wallpapers or hang pictures on the walls. Things that inspires or motivates you. Of course, if you prefer neutral walls, you can also leave them plain and add a clock, painting or even mirrors to give the space a larger illusion.

You may also want to consider to hang a bulletin board for pasting post- it notes, reminders, to- do list or beautiful pictures. Some even like wall decals on glass walls just to add a touch of fun or edginess.

2) Lighting

Lighting can dramatically alter the look and feel of any space. It is important that your working space is well- lit so that you can work well. Decide what kind of lightings work best for you. Is it more white day- lights or LED or do you prefer the soft, yellow and warm lights?

Lighting can be on the ceiling but you may like to consider having them mounted on the walls, or even as a lamp stand. Make sure the frames for the lights blend in well with the colours and theme you are going for.

3) Furniture

What is the theme of your office or work space? Futuristic, contemporary or classic? Choose your office furniture based on the theme and colour of your desired overall outlook, so that it all blends in well.

4) Storage

As with all rooms, storage is key. Add a cabinet, shelves, drawer for all your work materials, files and stationeries. Again, make sure they blend in well with your other furniture.

5) Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are plays an important role in the adding to the interior style, being both practical and
decorative. They enhance and also add comfort. So, go ahead, have a carpet, some cushions and curtains to add appeal and cosiness.

6) Personal Touch

Finally, add the finishing personal touch- yours! It can be a fun coffee cup, a globe stand, you favourite plant or a decorative paper weight. Let this space be a place you enjoy being in, which will in turn enhance your productivity!

Voila, now, turn on a little music if you like, have a cuppa and you are all ready to start having a conducive work environment the way you desired.

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