Design & Build Contract: What Is It & The Benefits

Thinking of setting up an office building and wondering if you should opt for a design and build contract instead? 

This guide to what a design and build contract entails and the benefits will help project owners to make informed decisions – read on to find out more.

Traditional Contract vs Design and Build Contract


A traditional construction contract is typically carried out in three stages – the project owner works with a designer or architect to come up with a design, then potential contractors will tender bids and finally, the construction takes place with the project owner’s chosen contractor and design. 


On the other hand, a design and build contract simplifies the entire process because different stages merge together when handled by an entity with both design and construction capabilities. This means that designing and construction take place at the same time, allowing project owners to reap various benefits. 


The Benefits of A Design and Build Contract


While design and build was previously thought of as an alternative, it is now fast becoming a preferred method by many project owners, thanks to these benefits.

1. Increased project speed

Delays in interior design and construction projects are a dime a dozen nowadays and we are sure you have heard of such stories before. However, overlapping both the designing and construction process in a design and build contract helps to save time since both can occur concurrently. For instance, construction will be able to progress while designs get approved in phases, instead of having to wait for every part of the design to be accepted by the project owner before construction can take place. This aspect is especially important when it comes to projects with a tight timeline. 

2. Reduced costs

Choosing a design and build contract over traditional ones will also help project owners save money – one of the biggest reasons why it is becoming a popular option. By only working with a single entity that is able to cover all aspects of the project from start to finish, project owners get to bear fewer overhead costs or deal with various contractors who may quote different prices and cause the project budget to exceed. Staying within budget is crucial for a successful project.

Reduced costs design and build in Singapore

3. Improved communication

Those under the design and build contract all share a common goal: to ensure the successful completion of the project with as few hiccups as possible, and this is achievable with good communication. Unlike a traditional contract where liaising with numerous contractors is necessary, the project owner can now just communicate with one main point of contact. The in-charge then conveys the message to the right people to rectify the problem immediately, making communication so much quicker and easier. 

4. Greater collaboration 

A design and build contract also encourages greater collaboration, since it takes away the tendency for separate teams to work on just what is in their best interest. Everything gets handled by one entity, which makes it necessary for them to work together to ensure the project is a success. The collaborative nature of a design and build approach does not just improve teamwork, but also develops better cooperation and enhances transparent communication to help achieve optimum project quality. 

Kickstart Your Design and Build Journey with CAD Associates

Design and build contracts can benefit projects of various sizes and budgets while often leading to fewer problems throughout the entire process. Communication gets streamlined too, making the project much more enjoyable to manage for project owners. 

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