The Importance Of Good Interior Design In The Office


While most tend to pay attention to a home’s interior design, not many understand the importance of good office design. For instance, the Google office is exemplary of how a functional, visually appealing, comfortable, and inviting space is vital to both employees and clients. 


Thus, putting more emphasis on the office’s interior design when setting up your business will help to set the tone and tell a story about your brand. 


Not convinced? Here are some examples of how a good office interior design will benefit your business – read on to find out more. 

1. Improves your employee’s well-being

Apart from the home, your employees spend the bulk of their time in the office so making it somewhere they look forward to be rather than someplace they have to be is essential. Some simple ways to make the office conducive and welcoming include incorporating biophilic design, mixing and matching textures, and creating collaborative spaces through moveable furniture and an open-plan. 


Quality office interior design can improve your employees’ work attitude, productivity, efficiency and overall well-being, which will ultimately benefit the company. 

2. Represents your business

Your office interior design is also part of your business identity and can help with brand recognition. Including your brand colours, mascot and slogan into the interior design are some fun yet simple ways to spruce up the space while conveying a message. FoodPanda’s new office in Singapore is an example – the company made use of its iconic hot pink brand colour and plastered its panda mascot all over the place. 


For example, darker hues and straight lines give off a more professional vibe while brighter colours and fun shapes can be reserved for business in creative industries like advertising. 

professional office interior design Singapore

3. Better employee retention 

The office interior design also has an impact on employee satisfaction, which correlates to retention and turnover rates. Creating a workspace with attractive amenities is a great way to make employees feel happier at work, influencing them into staying with the company longer. 

Consider having swanky pantries stocked up with snacks and drinks, resting pods with massage chairs and gaming areas for your employees to unwind in. These are some great ways for employees to destress, allowing them to feel more satisfied at work. 

4. Saves more money in the long run

Investing in high-quality renovation materials and aesthetically pleasing interior design sound costly, but the good news is that it will definitely be worth the money in the long run. Choosing the right office interior design options such as using the finest materials that will last for years to come and making use of environmentally-friendly solutions like letting natural light in to reduce electricity usage will all contribute to saving costs as time goes by. 

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