Concept Idea & Tips – Contemporary

Contemporary basically means what is existing or occurring at this current time or moment. Its style is always evolving and adapts to the parallel modifications in your style, tastes and lifestyle.

To adopt today’s updated contemporary design is to bear in mind “Less is more”. Sleek, smooth and clean lines and geometric shapes are pivotal for the contemporary look.

The focus is on the dramatic use of materials, execution of clean lines and texture while ensuring the interiors that remain comfortable and inviting. It re-defines timeless elegance and offer the best of modern living.

Generous use of clear or opaque glass, metal, stone, and wood are blended into a room decorated in contemporary style. The look is mostly clean and simple.

To soften the space, use of textured fabric or textile on window treatments, rugs and cushions from silk, linen to velvet (with no frills like ruffles or elaborate prints) are employed.

Neutral and solid colours are mainly used for walls, floor to furnishings. But occasional bold colours can be found in wall paintings or the soft furnishings to brighten up or add personality to the space.

Light is one of the key features in contemporary design as it illuminates the room’s design. Often large windows are left without shades or curtains, to let the natural light flood in to highlight the spaciousness of the space. As for lighting choices, popular fixtures include recess and track lighting, as well as pendants and floor lamps.

One area of contemporary design is interesting in the clever integration of innovative technology in our homes; from wireless and remote controls for lighting, security and more. This complement the contemporary aesthetics and offer the best of modern living.