Concept Idea & Tips – Mediterranean

The first thing that comes to mind with Mediterranean, is the seductive appeal and charm of the sea. The interiors will reflect that inviting out- door feeling with allure of the blue ocean. This style originated from countries near the Mediterranean Sea, with influences from Greece, France, Italy and Spain.

Mediterranean decor are often rustic yet colourful. Touch of rustic charm are woven into the décor with archways and rough- hewn wrought Iron from decorative gates, banisters, bed frames and chandeliers. The interiors are usually nature- inspired using rustic wood beams on ceilings, stone walls or terracotta floorings with rattan furniture.

Splashes of bright colours are injected into the furnishings to reflect the colours of the blue sea, lush greenery and blooming flowers during summer and gorgeous coral sunset. At times, colourful artistic mosaic tiles with reflective pieces of mirrors on stucco walls and archways, mosaic- jewelled glass lamps and plants are also incorporated to exude that Spain Islamic influence and heritage.

Unleash and extend some Mediterranean magic to your balcony or garden with the old world charm of a Tuscany by having a water fountain feature, earth pottery, some climbing plants, intricately woven wrought iron patio furniture to artistic stucco walls and gravel flooring.

Basically, a rich Mediterranean theme conjures up a picturesque coastline of blue waves, white sandy beaches and warm sunny skies, which beach lovers would adore to soak in and having to enjoy it in their homes.