Concept Idea & Tips – Resort

Imagine coming back from work to a resort- feel home and feeling relaxed immediately? Over the last few years, the “Tropical Resort” look is gaining popularity with Singapore home dwellers. With this renovation investment, the home dwellers can retreat to their “holiday” in their residence 24/7 without actually leaving their home!

Neutral colours with shades of brown, green and beige to bring the natural tropical colours of nature indoors would work immaculately well. To add pop of colours, accessories like cushions and rugs can be in tones of red, coral or fuchsia.

Lush tropical feel with greenery like the rainforest, rain showers, natural rustic stones, bamboo or rattan and wood accent are essential elements to create this escapade look. To accentuate the decor, add botanical motifs like palm trees, banana leaves, exotic flowers, pineapple or beach scene and birds on decorative items or prints on soft furnishing.

Everyone loves a good vacation, so don’t be surprised when you find your loved ones staying at home more often after the renovation!