Top 5 Best Materials To Consider For Kitchen

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Top 5 Best Materials To Consider For Kitchen

There are usually several factors to consider to help you choose the right materials for your kitchen counter top.

Here are some questions before determining what counter top suit you most:

1) Are you a heavy user or daily user of the kitchen? Laminate and solid surface are definitely not the recommended tops for you if you are.
2) What is the budget set aside for your kitchen renovation?
3) Would you rather go for aesthetic reasons or be downright practical?

In order to facilitate your final decision, we have listed the materials here below, with the various advantages and disadvantages:


Marble is undisputedly one of the most glamorous natural material. It is very distinctive and nothing can compare to its sheer elegance and charm. It can withstand heat quite well, which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to someone who simply loves baking or pastry. So, if it is for a bakery station, it is the perfect choice.

The flip side is that marble kitchen counter top is vulnerable to stains.


Quartz is often refered to as engineered stone. As it is a composite material, quartz is able to offer a variety of colors as well as patterns, and its durable nature make it a excellent investment which is worth- while to consider.

One of the most long- lasting materials to consider for counter top or surface would be quartz. It offers the most versatility and flexibility with various colors, to suit the interiors of the kitchen. Quartz solid surfacing is not only a beauty to marvel at but also easy to maintain. It is one of the most popular and commonly used as counter- tops for kitchens.


Granite brings a variety of colors and unique patterns from the nature, creating one- of- a kind kitchen counter tops. It can survive heat, splashes, knife nicks and lots of wear and tear.

The disadvantage is that granite must be sealed often to avoid stains seeping through and forming. Another downside is the heaviness of the top, which requires strong backing of the sturdy frames and solid cabinet boxes to support the weight.


Stainless steel top is the widely used in commercial kitchens. Of late, it has been found in many modern and contemporary kitchens. If you are aiming for the industrial look, stainless steel top is definitely a must- have.

The plus point of having a stainless stain counter top is that it can with stand heat as high as 800 degrees, hence it is durable and almost indestructible. These tops have to be custom- made specially for each kitchen. With the stainless steel kitchen counter top, the kitchen will spot a pristine, distinctive and industrial look when it is spotless and clean.

As for the downsides, one of the issues is the need to frequently care and cleaning it. Fingerprints are usually visible, but they can be wiped clean easily. Noise could be another concern, as kitchen utensils such as pans and pots can produce loud clang sound against the metal surface. Chemicals might also affect the colors of these stainless steel counter- top in the long run.


Since solid surface is made primarily from acrylic and polyester. It is likely the most popular and commonly used as kitchen counter tops for most home owners as the price is often reasonable. These surface is non-porous and this means it is almost maintenance- free with minimal cleaning. Solid surface also offers a wide range of colors to choose from.

The only disadvantage to this surface is that does not hold well to cuts from sharp knives or burnt marks from hot pans. Yet, many will consider solid surface as the price is a huge draw and attractive factor, since its price range is near the natural materials or stones.


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