40″/48″/60″ Giant Bamboo Fan

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This Rattan Headboard is produced using little bamboo and woven along with bright strings, making assorted variety designs. This Folding Fan will give the space for your lounge, room, office, and so forth. These wall decor fan items are made by experienced craftsmen.

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[EASY TO HANG] The oriental wall fans will have a LOOP with white string for easily hang onto the wall. Kindly use command hook to hang it. The white bamboo fan itself is flexible, but once hung, it holds its shape.

[ELEVATE WALL SPACE] Made from bamboo and cotton string, the natural white and beige color of the fan headboard will add a perfect touchy to the space. The large wall fan can be hung over the bed, couch or in a living room which will be a perfect piece for oriental wall art.

[WELLMADE AND STURDINESS FAN] The material is not paper and the large fan headboard is made from tiny bamboo without any toxic but it makes it sturdy and gives it texture.

[SAFE AND FRIENDLY PRODUCT] The bamboo fan is all handcrafted process. With natural material and handmade making, it has no harm to anyone even children.

[UNIQUE GIFT IDEA] Perfect for birthday, holidays, and Mother’s Day. The wall fan decor will be a unique gift, especially for moving away or new apartment decorating idea.

[4 SIZES FOR YOUR CHOICE]: 40”/48”/60”

Materials: bamboo, burlap, cotton, rattan, wicker

Width: 60 inches

Height: 50 inches

Depth: 1 inches