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19 December 2022

Retail Interior Design: 5 Effective Tips For Designing Your Next Store

retail clothes shop interior design

Successful retail interior design helps brands stand out from the crowd – there are endless possibilities that can be played around with so there will never be two stores that look exactly the same.

For instance, eyewear brand Gentle Monster is known for its futuristic concept that draws customers in with the use of decorations, artworks and installations. Even though the overarching theme is “experimental”, each Gentle Monster branch comes with its own unique notion to constantly keep things fresh.

Apart from amping up the aesthetics of your store, effective retail interior design will also offer customers a pleasant shopping experience which, in turn, translates into increased sales for your business. Therefore, the materials, colours and decorative pieces you utilise are extremely important.

If you have no idea where to start or are simply looking for inspiration, these five tips for designing your next store will come in handy. Read on to find out more.

1. Choose and use colours wisely

Did you know that different colours evoke different emotions? For example, blue is considered calming since it is often associated with the ocean and sky. On the other hand, although red can symbolise annoyance and anger, it may actually benefit businesses as the strong and warm colour commands attention. Red can increase one’s heart rate and prompt quick buying decisions; think posters and signages for sales and large price drops. If you want that effect on your customers while still maintaining the aesthetics, then consider incorporating splashes of red strategically in your retail interior design.

It is also worth noting that women prefer colours like purple and green whereas men are more attuned to brown and grey. Hence, choosing and using colours wisely is your best bet at attracting the right target audience for your business.

Colours play a part in brand recognition too so contemplate integrating your brand colours into your store – you want customers to immediately think of your brand whenever they see that particular colour.

mannequin with different kind of clothes

2. Tap into relevant displays 

Visual merchandising involves displaying products or mannequins behind windows or at checkout counters and they are a great tool to influence your customers’ purchase decisions. Think about brands like Sephora where there are mini versions of makeup and skincare products lining the shelves near the checkout counters and H&M where mannequins are always dressed up in the latest collection.


Take inspiration from these brands for your retail interior design – go for floor-to-ceiling window panes to attract eyes and built-in cabinets near different touch points to entice customers to purchase the products displayed on them.

3. Create a path for your customers

Other than using colours and displays to influence your customers, paving a path in your store to allow customers to journey through with ease is also an indirect method of encouraging them to browse more of your products. 

Make use of furniture, displays, various tile designs and other tools when planning your
retail interior design to create a clear path to bring your customers from one end to another. Another tip is to place an eye-catching display or product at the end of an aisle or your store to make customers walk further in. This increases the chances of your customers purchasing an item and can even ease foot traffic during busy periods.


Retail store with a direction path for changing rooms

4. Allow interactive experiences

Interactive experiences are a great way to build positive customer relationships, motivating them to visit again or to share about your store and brand with family and friends.


Some examples of interactive experiences include designing an Instagram-worthy fitting room where customers can try on clothes and take photos to share on social media, and segregating a space for customers to try out new equipment or sample new products.


So if your brand is up for that, consider hiring an interior designer who is experienced in retail interior design to transform your store into something that will turn heads. 

5. Invest in Instagram-worthy backdrops or spaces

Aesthetically pleasing backdrops and spaces attract people to your store and may even encourage them to tell their friends about it or to take photos to share on social media platforms. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and can be really helpful in gathering new customers.

Therefore, when coming up with your retail interior design, remember to task your interior designer with a mission to create an Instagram-worthy corner in your store.

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