What are A&A Works? Understanding the Process of Property Modifications.

A&A works refer to the process of making minor adjustments or modifications to an existing property’s structure and outfitting. This course of development could include repairs, upgrades to weak areas, or customization of existing features. Such A&A works are considered minor and do not affect the building’s fundamental integrity, allowing for changes ranging from small interior adjustments to larger projects like adding a pool or garden.

Trustworthy A&A Works for Your Residential and Commercial Properties.

If you’re looking to modify or improve your property without compromising its structure, A&A works are an excellent solution. At Cad Associates, we specialize in providing high-quality A&A works for both residential and commercial properties. Our team is experienced in managing various A&A projects, and we ensure that all our work is compliant with the relevant regulatory mandates and requirements.

Customized A&A Works for Your Property Enhancement Needs.

Whether you need to modify your home or office space, we can provide personalized A&A solutions that cater to your specific requirements. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver the best results for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our A&A works and how we can help you enhance your property’s functionality and aesthetics.

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Learn More About A&A Work

What does A&A works mean?

A&A work means Addition and Alteration. It is commonly requested by homeowners who wish to add some features in the property they bought to enhance its beauty and functionality.

What is considered Addition and alteration?

Adding partition walls, building built-in cabinets, changing floor tiles, updating the roof material and other tasks that do not necessitate changing the foundation of the house is considered an A&A work.

How Much Is A&A in Singapore?

It usually depends on the scale of the A&A work. For instance, a large-scale A&A work like changing the roof tiles or the whole flooring may be cheaper compared to adding a partition wall.


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