Smart Home

What is A Smart Home?

A Smart Home is commonly defined as a place of residence equipped with electronic devices and appliances that are capable of communicating with each other and controlled by a remote device, for example a smartphone, or a remote computer. The electronic items and appliances can include security and camera systems, door locks, lighting, heating, air conditioning, smoke and fire sensor, gas sensor, glass-break sensor, as well as home entertainment audio & video systems, TVs and computers. All the items are regulated, controlled and communicated via a local gateway server.

Benefits of A Smart Home

A Smart Home System provides you with security, energy efficiency (cost savings), time saving, convenience, peace of mind, sensor alarm notifications. Be it at home or away from home, you will have total control over every aspect of your household domain.

Some possible scenario on the convenience and power of having A Smart Home System while you are away from home:

  • Did I turn off the stove, coffee maker, air conditioning, or is my door locked ?
  • Are my kids doing homework, or are they watching television?
  • Is my curtains drawn, or my lights off, or my dinner cooked?
  • Did I set my security alarm on?
  • Checking the real time home situation after receiving sensor notifications

With a Smart Home System, you could quiet all these nagging thoughts and worries with just a quick check on your smartphone or computer. It provides you with undisturbed thoughts, total peace of mind, and a better quality living.

Cad Associates Smart Home System

A market leader in Smart Home System, Cad Associates are able to transform your home with high levels of safety using our unique Smart Home intelligent technologies and systems.

We provide more than just remote controls and programmable settings. Our Smart Home System helps you to create an unified and integrated home monitoring system, intelligence control with an energy conservation ecosystem.

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To watch a video of how a smart home function, please click here