5 Common A&A Works To Consider For Your Landed Property

In Singapore, there are different types of accommodations you can stay in. There are HDBs, condominiums, and landed houses among others. When it comes to landed houses, most people prefer buying a fully furnished home. However, with different needs and wants accompanied by the rising cost of houses, it is difficult to find one that checks all the boxes.  It also does not make sense to compromise on a house that does not suit your style. 


As a future homeowner, imagine how satisfying it would be to customise your own home as you get to show off bits of your personality and style in your alterations. A few adjustments and customisation here and there, also known as “addition and alterations” or “A&A”, can truly turn a house into a home. 


Do take note that in Singapore, you may need approval from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and/or Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) before performing any type of home construction.


What is A&A Work in Singapore? 


According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), A&A work refers to minor construction that does not affect the existing structure of the building. Changes can be in the form of repairs or renovations to areas that need them as well as customisation to other existing parts of the house. 


A&A works allow owners to channel their creativity through minor customisation as they personalise their homes with additional spaces and interior alterations. A&A works also allow homeowners to change weak or damaged areas such as leaks, water seepage and deterioration of materials and finishes without needing heavy duty works which might require different permits and costly construction works. 

Common A&A Works in Singapore’s Landed Property

Common A&A Works in Singapore’s Landed Property

1. Swimming Pool

As swimming pool construction does not affect the structural integrity of a landed property, it is classified as an A&A work and houses that have the space and budget for a pool can have one made at the side of their building. 

2. Porch/Garage

Making an extension to your house for a porch or allocating space within your building for a garage is done for practical purposes rather than aesthetics like frontage and car parking. A porch extension would be perfect for homeowners as it provides extra outdoor space and a garage is literally an essential as more and more Singaporeans are car owners. 

3. Attic

Due to land scarcity in Singapore, homeowners may find adding an attic to their homes beneficial as it provides extra space and height. An attic would only be considered A&A work if it does not interfere with the structural integrity and is minor enough not to alter the foundation of the house. 

4. Garden Pond

Garden ponds provide a zen aesthetic to any backyard and can be inhibited by aquatic creatures or left uninhabited to save costs. Other than its zen factor, a garden pond is also a good balance between the city and nature and they are a pleasant scenery against concrete jungle. 

Requirements for A&A Works

Requirements for A&A Works

Based on your location in Singapore, the requirements needed to conduct A&A works and construction can be different. Across all locations, you may need to acquire permits from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) and/or Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). 

Your chosen landed property contractor in Singapore should know about the required permits needed for your area, as well as the regulations set for specific construction works. Other types of A&A works like those dealing with fire safety and protection will require documentation and assessments from fire marshals and relevant parties. 

An experienced contractor should be able to submit the necessary documents needed to authorise the A&A works and once the construction is done, a registered architect, engineer or any qualified representative must fill out an electronic form for submission to SCDF by 21 days after the project has ended. 

In summary, renovating a home in Singapore can be rewarding and exciting but only if it is done right. If you are considering making any reinstatement work or A&A work for your house, do get in touch with our professionals at CAD Associates to know more about our services and projects.