Just like home interior design, commercial interior design trends come and go too but it is not feasible to tear down the entire space and renovate again just because of that. 

Therefore, choosing the right trends that will stand the test of time is important, especially when it comes to F&B interior design. This prevents the need to renovate your establishment all over again which will only result in unnecessary downtime and a loss of income. 

If you have no idea what to go for, these five timeless F&B interior design trends will help you decide on what is best for your establishment. Read on to find out more. 

  1. Biophilic design

Biophilic interior design restaurant

Less heard of but not unknown, biophilic design has been gaining traction in recent years for being able to make people feel at ease while still retaining its wow factor. It is an interior design concept that focuses on increasing one’s connection with the natural environment, making it perfect for F&B establishments that place emphasis on all-natural ingredients or healthy foods. 

Nailing the concept is easy through the use of direct or indirect nature and here are some tips:

  • Let natural light in 
  • Incorporate plants into decor 
  • Choose colours reminiscent of nature like green and brown
  • Use natural materials such as wood, rattan and stone

These useful tips will help to make the entire space look more welcoming and encourage diners to spend more time in your restaurant, which will translate into increased sales at the end of the day.

2. Open concept kitchen

Teppanyaki theme restaurant interior design

Always wondered why teppanyaki restaurants are so popular among diners? One possible reason is that the open concept kitchen where the chefs cook right in front of customers adds to the entire experience, making diners feel included and acting as a form of entertainment while they wait for their meals.

Sights, sounds and smells add to the overall ambience of the restaurant and can whet diners’ appetites. Hence, consider incorporating an open concept kitchen into F&B interior design to allow diners a glimpse of what goes down in the kitchen and how their meals are prepared.

3. Private spaces

Japanese themed restaurant interior design

As much as diners love peeking into kitchens to see the chefs in action, some other customers may also prefer a bit more privacy. This is when private spaces come into play but there is no need to usher customers into rooms which can result in a stifling dining experience.

Instead, a great F&B interior design idea is to opt for partitions that will segregate spaces into cubicles to offer privacy without isolating diners entirely away from the rest of the restaurant. This also makes it easier for diners to get the attention of waiters and will make their dining experience more enjoyable.

4. Warm or earthy colour palette

relaxed wood themed restaurant

Paying attention to the colour palette is also important because colours have a psychological effect on people and can be used to your advantage when it comes to F&B interior design

For instance, warmer colours such as red, yellow and orange can increase one’s heart rate and stimulate feelings of hunger. It is a reason why fast food chains tend to incorporate such colours in their logos and packaging. 

On the other hand, earthy colours like green are used to symbolise organic, natural and healthy food choices.

5. Mixing and matching textures

Bright coloured theme interior design

Adding textures to F&B interior design is a great way to create accents but mixing and matching them will take the aesthetics up a notch. 

Use contrasting fabrics such as placing pillows with velvet covers on chairs that are covered in a linen material to add a touch of luxe, or add textured furniture like a smooth marble table and rustic oak table to draw diners’ attention to them. 

This completes the entire dining experience, especially when everything is in line with the overall theme of your restaurant.

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