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The nature of your business pretty much determines your office’s appearance. Beyond aesthetics, a good office design should also enhance employee productivity and happiness. Incorporating a conducive environment that values employees’ privacy, ability to concentrate, and work attitude is key. No doubt, choosing a suitable layout for your office can be quite the challenge. There are many factors to be taken into consideration and the most crucial one involves the personal wellbeing of your employees. 


Here are five main principles to follow for an ideal office design and layout:


  1. Space management 

Proper space management minimises clutter and creates the illusion of spaciousness even for smaller offices. As decluttered spaces contribute to more organised minds, employees are able to work better, which in turn boosts their job efficiency. Prior to office renovation, do establish a space management plan to evaluate the available layout of your office. This will help you make more informed choices when it comes to maximising the best use of space. 


Techniques to improve organisation: 


  • Avoid placing printers right in the centre of walkways.
  • Place equipment used by the same departments in the same area.
  • Ensure close proximity of departments that regularly liaise with each other.
  • Use soundproof partitions between employees’ seats to promote privacy and focus.
  • Set up some basic zones (a conference room, reception area, working space, etc).
  • Consider locating your workspace away from the reception area to minimise noise.
  1. Colour Play

Colour plays an essential role in office interior design as it can affect employees’ productivity and mental health. It also determines how your customers perceive your business. Instead of using your brand colours on just the office walls, try incorporating suitable shades for your furniture, soft furnishings, or decorations too!


Five recommended colours to create a sophisticated office layout: 


  • Raises alertness
  • Helps your workers stay energised the entire day


  • Creates a peaceful environment.
  • Enhances concentration and sense of well-being.


  • Promotes calmness.
  • Stimulates clear thinking.



  • Elicits confidence. 
  • Stimulates creativity. 



  • Makes your office look more spacious.
  • Minimises power consumption from artificial lights.


In short, ponder over whether you prefer an office that is warm and cosy or light and airy. Darker colours produce the prior effect while lighter colours accentuate the latter.


  1. Lighting is key

When planning an office layout, always look for sufficient natural light sources. Natural light can help reduce headaches and eye strains, enabling your employees to stay alert and minimise task errors. In terms of business costs, greater savings is made possible as energy consumption is reduced. Additionally, natural light also makes your office look bigger and brighter.


Factors to consider when using natural light in your office:

  • Avoid placing seats in front or behind natural light as this can cause glare on display screens.
  • Place your office equipment away from direct sunlight to avoid overheating.
  • Prepare suitable window coverings if your workers are not a fan of natural light.


  1. Build breakout spaces

A breakout space allows your employees to eat, relax and interact with each other. While some may harbour the misconception that such spaces are a waste of resources, that is certainly not true. In fact, offices with breakout spaces can encourage collaboration, innovation and engagement of employees. Purpose, theme colour, company culture, and furniture are key elements that contribute to an effective breakout space.


  1. Open space design

Leveraging an open office space design helps to boost flexibility of the work process. It allows your employees to communicate effectively, without the barrier of cubicles. As a result, a collaborative and engaging work environment can be established. Office renovation contractors tend to favour and adopt this design in co-working spaces.

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